Royal, One Year Ago

Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne Feb 9, 2017 (Thursday) - Day 1. I had a few painful contractions yesterday which I ignored thinking they were simply textbook Braxton Hicks (BH). This morning however upon seeing bloody show of 3cm, my level of panic and worry increased exponentially, needless to say. So in between tears, I told… Continue reading Royal, One Year Ago

In memory of my accident

It's the 9th year anniversary of my car accident yesterday, October 11. I say "my" but I really mean the accident that happened to me and 12 of my colleagues at Lyceum. That we are all alive and well is a blessing that I am forever grateful for. It could have been worse. Nine years… Continue reading In memory of my accident

The Story of Elon’s Birth

Tic-toc. Ten minutes interval between contractions. Breathe. My gut knew somehow I would be having you earlier than my elective caesarian, though I did hope to reach the date if I could. Eight weeks ago, you wanted to come out early but because you were too small, we had to keep you in me until… Continue reading The Story of Elon’s Birth

Romeo + Flora, 44 years and counting

Forty-four years ago, a love that had a certain form of certainty saw two young souls tying the knot. Amidst a hundred pairs of eyes, they, who only had eyes for each other, stood at the altar with hearts passionately and nervously beating out of their chests. His black hair matched his suit, handpicked for… Continue reading Romeo + Flora, 44 years and counting